Candle massage



SGS Salon is passionate about providing high-performing natural hair care. In our candle massage, wax melts into a mixture of oils that can be safely applied to the hair. The candle can be lit to warm and then work into the lengths and ends of the hair to promote hydration and restoration. We have blended together a combination of luscious and hydrating botanical and natural oils and wax to create our innovative candle hair treatment. Infused with argon oils, our treatment also contains luxuriously nourishing ingredients. It not only adds lustre and shine to the hair, but also be used to soften and condition beards. It is  a wonderful medium for effective head massage. The warm oil can also be used on the face and the body. It’s really a top to toe treatment that smells divine. The benefits of our treatment are maximised at the application of the heat.

It helps oils to penetrate deeper into hair shaft and conditions scalp and skin. This luxury blend also reduces dryness of hair and scalp that ultimately treats dandruff. The treatment deeply conditions hair and hence, helps reducing frizz and prevents split ends. When massaged into the scalp, it promotes increased blood flow and healthy hair.


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