Hair Care

Colouring in Ajman

There is something exciting about dying your hair a different colour. Now whether you choose to do something dramatic and different or look to give your natural colour a boost, welcome to SGS Salon. Dying your hair on your own may not offer the desired results. Our stylists has expertise in colour artistry. Of course, we offer gorgeous cut but we also specialise in hair dying. We provide high-quality professional colour, that achieves the look, you always desired. Whether you’re interested to try a new fiery red colour or wish to enhance your look with some hairy highlights, we do it all. If you’ve a specific hair colour in mind, we’ll meet your expectations. We can create a customised colour to fulfil your needs. Surely, we’re not limited to the colours you find on the grocery store shelves. We’ve hundreds of colours at our disposal and mix two or three coolers to get your ideal shade. Our hair artists do not only produce high-quality results but also protect your hair in the process.

In our studio, you not only get the environment and the skills of our expert but you also enjoy professional hair dye that lasts much longer. For the best hair colour, you can schedule an appointment today.  


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