Foot spa

Foot spa in Ajman

Our foot spa for men is therapeutic in many ways as it not only improves blood circulation but also lowers blood pressure. After a long, tiring hectic day, a foot spa is quite relaxing as it relieves achy muscles. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, the feet muscles barely get any exercise. Our massage stimulates blood flow and this is particularly beneficial for diabetic people. Our experts put pressure on the acupressure points over the sole of the foot that helps release much of the tension. Customers in high-stressed jobs are more benefitted from the regular foot massage every week. . High blood pressure is pretty common due to irregular diet, stressful life, genetics or environmental factors but our therapists help lower it. The therapy also reduces the effects of anxiety and depression.

Regular and frequent foot massage at SGS Salon has long-lasting effects as well. The massage aids speedy recovery after an injury. It also helps keep the foot and ankle strong and flexible. If you’re an athlete or involved in high-intensity workouts, the therapy is more beneficial. . Our salon is the only option for the best foot spa for men in Ajman.

Foot spa

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