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Superstar Gents Salon is one of the most reliable salons, the best to maintain your hair’s softness, density and elegance. Filler is the latest form of haircare and safety. It’s a formulation, made up of several natural compounds such as Zanthalene, keratin and Argon oil. These compounds are actually the representation of active substance of the hair follicle, known as fillers.  The filler penetrates the route and increases the thickness of the hair. As a result, the hair become more powerful and dense, with the increased lustre and gloss. Our hair filler treatment has gained considerable fame in the world of cosmetics. The benefits of this procedure are not limited to shining off the hair but more comprehensive.       

The therapy increases hair density and treats thinning hair. It improves the strength and degree of resistance to the pollutants and dust. Thus, it stops hair brittleness. Importantly, filler procedure has no side effects or complications. The hair filler is composed of natural material with no trace of chemicals. The therapeutic and aesthetic  benefits of this procedure are effective relatively for a long period. It’s not wrong to say, filler has revolutionised  the world of hair care.   


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