The foot reflexology massage in Dubai is the touch that takes the pain away. The New Heaven Massage is an ideology of health. The most neglected, abused and overlooked part of the body is our foot. They’re always in motion and can make us miserable with annoying pain and discomfort. Just add foot reflexology massage in your personal health and wellness plan and this will help you living a less stressed and comfortable life. . Precisely, it benefits your overall well-being. This is an ancient form of massage that is able to aid in several aspects of wellness. It offers relaxation and improves pain relief. Below are the reasons, why you need to book a foot reflexology massage session with us.

It encourages relaxation and induces a state of peace and tranquillity within the body and the mind. This physiological change provides the much needed relaxation. Stress reduction through foot reflexology therapy is linked to relieving sleep disorders. Your body returns to more relaxed and balanced state. The therapy also stimulates your nervous system. As a result, the brain is able to receive and handle inputs more accurately and precisely. It essentially improves cognitive strength and thus, functioning. Overall, the brain is able to work more faster with increased efficiency. The foot reflexology massage in Business Bay reduces the severity of headaches and migraines. It improves blood flow and decreases muscle tension. The foot reflexology massage has been associated with the stimulation of over 7,000 nerve endings, increasing nerve functioning. So, for better overall health, come to us.


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